YouTube Channel "BusThrash" - Does anyone know what happened to it? (1 Viewer)


I just wanted to know if anyone knows what happened to the YouTube channel "BusThrash".
He seems to have deleted all of his videos (most notably the very rare driver training video They Don't Grow On Trees" (titled: How Not to Drive a Semi Automatic Bus) and the Ailsa hill climb video), except for two car videos.
I have downloaded his "They Don't Grow On Trees" video, but back then I converted it to audio-only as I didn't expect the channel to be wiped.
So if anyone might know why he deleted it or if the videos are going to come back, or if you by a very slim chance happen to have downloaded "How Not to Drive a Semi Automatic Bus", I'd love to know. If not, no worries.

Thanks in advance! :)


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