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What moquette should I use for modern KHCT buses?

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EYMS Buses Really Mean Business
Upon release of a certain few buses, I'm planning on making a fictional KHCT repaints pack to simulate what I think KHCT would exist as if they were not deregulated to Stagecoach in Hull. However, concerning interiors, I am torn between four moquette choices, as seen on the Camira fabrics website. Up to now, I have narrowed it down to four choices thanks to the help of users in this thread who have voted, following the 'Alternative Vote', we are now seemingly down to three TWO choices (if only indiviual polls could be closed):

After nearly 24 hours of voting, we have a winner!

And here are the contenders, in order of vote-out:


Please suggest your opinion in the poll, and optionally argue your point in a reply. Thanks to your help, this moquette will now appear on all KHCT buses I will make from now on, unless previously stated. I personally believe that brand identity is everything for a bus company, and as Stagecoach and EYMS have bespoke-designed moquettes, then why can't a fictional bus company?

Please be aware that Your moquette chosen will be chosen to appear on a vehicle with this livery:

Happy voting! I'll close this poll when I think I'm ready to.
I may come back with another poll about liveries or logos. But thank you for your help. Mods, please close thread.[/SPOILER]
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