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Yorkshire Counties Developer
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The Map:
There is a READ ME file in the map that contains ALL the links to the relevant dependencies, Except the BOTW Legacy content, If you go to the "Get Support" section there is a HOT FIX as a temporary solution as we are having issues uploading the correct file. This is something i will rectify in good time. However you ALL need to be patient with me during a time in my life that requires my attention. I work FULL TIME and preparing for Fatherhood, my maps are made UNPAID and in my free time. I did not want to post this message on the forum but i have been inundated with requests for missing splines, objects, etc and i cannot stress that it is the responsibility of the install user to follow the instructions carefully. The map was approved by Forum Moderators and would not have been approved unless it works when instructions are followed.
Whilst i appreciate the support and messages and desire to want to play my map i can't respond to EVERY inbox message that is asking for the same things that i have explained time and time again in the "GET SUPPORT" section. Rating and Reviews stating the "Map doesn't work" or "Blue Sky" are issues that have been Addressed in the Support forumand DO NOT mean your request will be dealt with any quicker.
Please consider that i do not have time to respond to individual requests and comments/questions that have already been answered multiple times in the Yorkshire Counties Support Forum. that's what its there for.

I will look at and update the map in due course but as explained the map is still in "working order" but requires the HOT FIX while the issue is resolved.

Thank you all kindly and please do update people who frequently ask for Yorkshire Support with this message. - Sylar
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