Temsa Avenue 63000 YJ10 DTF
Nov 26, 2016
Welcome this is a bus company based off Xelabuses and we have renamed it Xelacapital and Xelacoaches (dependant on the vehicle)

We have 2 chairmen (Partnership) We have been in service from 12/2/18 and wish to reqruite drivers and managers.

Come join our discord if you are up to the job :) Code is rNa59bd

NOTE: we also have a fleet llist in the making

harry cooper

Active Member
Jul 4, 2017
Yes! We are the XelaGroup! We are in ownership of XelaBus, XelaCapital, XelaCoach and XelaTraining.

Talk to me on Discord: harry.quick#6958

Join our discord too!