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Feb 3, 2015
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Hello guys! We are new company, established few weeks ago. So we are looking for new drivers who likes to be on road and likes to talk

Little bit about our company
I established this company to make friendly community, convoys and to find new friends in ETS2MP. Also to get good time in Europe while driving truck. Still we are small, but trying to grow, and we have good vision in future. We are international company, who can speak easilly in English. Our company drivers is friendly and funny, always can help if you have some troubles in ETS2MP.


[XCOM]DivineGift (Boss)
[XCOM]Warikim ( Second boss, right hand )
[XCOM]OMWRXS ( Personnel Officer, left hand )
[XCOM]FedEx ( Driver )

About members

[XCOM]DivineGift - 23 years old, living in Lithuania, company boss.
[XCOM]Warakim - 25 years old, living in Lithuania, second company boss and right hand.
[XCOM]OMWRXS - 19 years old, living in USA, personnel officer, left hand.
[XCOM]FedEx - 23 years old, living in UK, company driver
[XCOM]ESSANDEN - 25 years old, living in Sweden, company driver

Company vision​

Our vision is to create polite, friendly, and fun company for all people. Arrange convoys in all Europe, and take good time when driving. Willing that people who joins here will be friends in trucking, and helpfull for any member. Make big convoys at weekends.

Requirements to join company

1. You have to be level 4 atleast.
2. Have 2 points in Long Distance atleast.

Application link: myvtc.net/r/22761

So if you are intrested in our company, then go for it and fill application.

If we dont contacted with you in 48hours then PM me here, or write in our email: vtcxcom@gmail.com

Best regards from XCOM Administration!
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