Buses Wright Eclipse Urban (Euro 4)

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BusesInThe UK

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Aug 1, 2016
Certainly never something I've heard of unless it's either the driver manually doing it at a timing point for example, or it's been retrofitted (more likely the first guess). In terms of stock B7RLE though I wouldn't have thought it's a realistic thing to implement because as far as I know, it's not a thing they typically have. Especially as they were introduced at a time where fuel savings/emissions weren't as high a priority as more recently.
Our W reg alx400s have the feature so I thnk you may be confused with start-stop and idle shutdown.. maybe you havent been on a bus where the driver sits in the bus for a few mins with engine on without revving it a little even if its a tiny bit for a couple of seconds


Jun 17, 2018
We were referring to B7RLE's though so that's a bit irrelevant, besides I don't recall any of the buses you've mentioned including B7TL having start-stop either...
I know you were referring to B7RLEs - I was just suggesting it was a feature in other buses, such as others made by Volvo (i.e. the B7TL). It was definitely in StreetLites as well because the alarms often start going off warning it's about to shut-off.


Sep 2, 2018
Really interesting seeing this. I take this exact bus to school most mornings and it’s one of my favourites🙌