Buses Wright Eclipse B9TL Gemini 1 & Wright Eclipse B9TL Gemini 2 Remaster


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Dec 10, 2015
Just noticed the problems with 3 lower deck poles, gonna fix that now.
It might be worth overhauling all the poles, they seem rather low-poly. Octagonal poles are fine, but the curves and corners the poles take are rather lacking in segments. Another thing that really helps with round things is to map a gradient texture to them, that way they look round even if you're seeing the shaded side.


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Aug 3, 2016
Great job, the camera perspective is perfect too, don't change it too much please if possible, because its just like real life in those seats. Really nice job, you've nailed the curves on the top and bottom. No idea how you do this stuff


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Feb 4, 2018
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The Gemini 2 looks like this I Gemini 2 B5LH with a Gemini 1 Front and the Back of it is the Gemini 2 Lol but looks amazing I cant wait for it to be released and also much better than the Gemini's we have now.
it probably uses the B9TL Engine but there is no such thing as a gemini 1/2


Gud Ebening
Nov 12, 2018
Hey, is this project still going, would be a real shame if it isn't as its looked really promising