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Hi all welcome to my thread for my W.I.P Wimborne & Poole map the first route will be the 4 to Poole from Wimborne via Broadstone.

work started the 9/8/17 so far currently all the tiles have been created and all aerial images are all correct currently the first part being made is Wimborne as you can see in the first pic some road and the river has been made.

Test 1 of the first work on the map

Aerial view of river and of a test static bus in the more livery

Aerial overhead view

Thanks for viewing stay tuned for more :)
feel free to comment

Fins omsi repaints
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Wilts & Dorset

Fin`s Omsi Repaints
Looks really nice and promising defiantly keeping an eye on this thread and will be looking forward to further updates 1 thing tho what operator will be operating on this map just a question @Wilts & Dorset
hi rhys the operator for the first route will be "more" part of go south coast but in the future and when you would drive the route to poole and via broadstone you would also see another operator "yellow Busses" part of the ratp group

One more addon to let you all know i will be adding a route around wimborne operated by damory and when i have started on poole the route one will be made and then will start looking further towards bournemouth

If following real life, it will be Go South Coasts 'More Bus' operations.
hi kieron yes the map will be following real life :)

next update will be tonight :)
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Wilts & Dorset

Fin`s Omsi Repaints
Yay, a map being made of my local area. Looking good so far!! :):)
can't wait
Glad there's more local people in this group haha.

To everyone i am currently working on the roundabouts in Wimborne and the hill up to merely and the willet arms just done a test on the latest parts of road 2 few problems with road 1st was with the road slightly in the tile but now fixed 2nd was road leaving the town centre was to high but now fixed time to get moving any suggestions let me know this map will also come with all local repaints :)

Have a good day


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You could perhaps develop the crossing in Blender and then set the paths in the OMSI crossing editor. Check out my tutorial for building basic crossings in Blender. It needs to be updated slighty
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ok thanks ill give it a try if it fails do you know anyone who makes them for free or paid
It doesn't really work like that.

Don't expect it to come off first time. Just keep at it, you'll get there in the end :)


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With almost any addon development whilst many people will kindly assist and guide you, no one will do the work for you and sometimes it will take considerable time and effort for you to learn the necessary skills. Those who are already skilled have their own projects and commitments which will invariably be something that interests them, given the time investment required to create most content they need that to motivate them. In short, authors don't really do "requests", even for money.

If you can't do something you either borrow from someone else's work (if possible and with permission), learn how to do it yourself or abandon/simplify the feature.


If you ever need help making bus routes i can help as i know the area. if you ever come really stuck. Ps keep up the good work :)
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