Why do you play OMSI?

Why do people play Omsi

  • You love buses and want to drive one in virtual

    Votes: 72 61.0%
  • You love Omsi but wouldn't like to drive in real life

    Votes: 16 13.6%
  • You are a bus driver irl and play Omsi

    Votes: 10 8.5%
  • Other

    Votes: 2 1.7%
  • You just play in your free time

    Votes: 19 16.1%
  • You play/ create thing for other people to enjoy in Omsi as well

    Votes: 13 11.0%

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I totally agree with you Kieron.
Also, its more than just a game. It comes with its own community. I have made some actual real life friends, just through these forums. Not to mention for other people in other countries...
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I don't exactly call myself a bus enthusiast, just someone who likes playing simulation games in general. And by playing and interacting with the community I learn more about buses in real life. It's quite fascinating, and has truly changed how I view public transport as a whole. I also do enjoy creating repaints for buses that operate in my area, giving myself a very good insight as to how the drivers work in real life. It puts you in their shoes. It's something I took for granted prior to OMSI, and now I've experienced driving buses, it genuinely has given me that gratification.


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I've always had an interest in public transportation, particularly buses - probably down to growing up in London and working in central London. It's a nice break from work and other commitments too, as are other games and hobbies.
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I like to play Omsi, because for me as a Continental European it is the easiest and cheapest way to drive a bus around the UK. Especially the old front engined types like RTs and RMs are my favourite, although there aren't any of them in Omsi. That's the reason, why I'm spending much time in the Fleetline as it's the closest way in driving a classic British bus.

cheers, Matthias



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I like the main three types of public transportation (Aviation, Busses and Railways/Trains) These seem to alternate every few years so while 2 years I will have a really strong interest in Planes, another 2 years this fixation will be on busses. I personally think this comes from using the bus from a young age. To facilitate this I always have the main three simulators on my computer (FSX/OMSI 2 and Railworks)
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I like Darts.
Reason i play OMSI is simply because i am a Bus Enthsiaust (as well as a Railway and Aviation) my Granddad was a Bus Driver at Crosville Cymru/Arriva Cymru up until 2001 and he himself was a Bus Enthusiast of which i then simply learned the trade i got my first Camera when i was seven years old and my main hobby is actually photography of Buses which has got me so many places and friends as well as being a huge part of one of the UKs well known Transport Blogs (The North West Bus Blog) i remember begging my mother to buy me OMSI when it first released and god did i spend hours on it i used to play MM2 prior to that of which is where i learnt to Repaint vehicles and that is what made me so determined to do them now still but on OMSI, i'd previously never been interested in the OMSI community however but since i joined this site i love it.


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I didn't know anything about busses before OMSI but I knew I'd like it, but now I can't stop. I've played 2,810 hours of it and enjoyed every minute. Also, the communities are so helpful and innovative. And the UKDT team and the London team produce excellent work.
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So it started out when I was little and went to London and got on a bus. I loved it! I was obsessed with buses for a couple of months then got bored of them. A few years ago, I saw one of Squirrell's Omsi videos and thought it looked like a good game. I didn't have any money to get it though, so I did the next best thing; I stole buses on GTA V and drove them around. I was sad that I couldn't pick up any passengers though, and it wasn't as good as what I had seen of OMSI, so I saved up and bought the game. (Definitely worth it! I play it every day and it doesn't get boring!)

I guess buses run in the family for me as I found out that my great grandad owned a coach company! Sadly, it shut down so we don't have it anymore, but OMSI will do the job for now! :)
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Myles W

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Ok, here is mine:
Omsi is a great game if you want to escape inside a bus for a bit, Omsi can either take you with it to the UK or any other place in Europe. So for me, it is probably the best game on my pc, I play it whenever I can on Cotterell, Paignton and Totnes, or one of the 20 maps I have on my pc. (I think). A few years ago, when I first started loving buses, my mum thought I was going through a phase. Six years later, I'm still here on the Omsi community. (No, I've only had Omsi for 3 of those years). You can also download mods that you love and buses from the uk
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10 years ago, nearly to the day! I got 'Bus Driver' from SCS software. Oh the memories! I played that along side train simulator, released same year, whenever I could. I now have over 800 hours in TS and over 450 in OMSI2, can't even comprehend the hours I spent in OMSI1. Less time these days with work!
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I used to love buses when I was smaller around six years old and I played Gta as well Gta v, Gta iv, Gta The lost and Damned And Gta The Ballad Of Gay Tony And none of them allows you to pick up people randomly and I always wanted to do bus missions or bus routes. You only can pick up people when playing online or when doing single player missions. And For Gta iv, Gta The lost and Damned And Gta The Ballad Of Gay Tony all three of them had the same "green " buses. For gta v the buses were slightly modified from the other three GTA titles. The max capacity for Gta v is 16 passengers (including the driver) and the 4 for the other three GTA's (including the driver).

I play OMSI for (MANY) reasons including:
1. OMSI allows you to create your own repaints which is a feature of the game many people don't know. U can also repaint the bus textures repaint over glass paint and repaint the interior parts using special programs like blender, Paint.net and some others.(All of this is possible without any mods).

2.OMSI allows you to create your own buses using a program called "blender" which is a feature of the game (without any mods).
Blender also can be used to create your own games, animation, lighting effect for buses etc.

3.OMSI allows you to create your own maps which is also a feature of the game many people didn't know (without any mods). Like suppose you have an idea you can use it to create your own map using the map editor. It can be downloaded here: http://www.omnibussimulator.de/download/SDK/Manual_SDK_1_EN.pdf
This is OMSI 1 manual OMSI 2 doesn't have a manual for creating your own maps but don't worry same thing applies and OMSI 2 have some improvements.

4. Eventhough all texture in OMSI are not great you can modify it yourself using special programs or blender (without any mods).

5.In OMSI you can basically get "ANY" bus you want; you can download many buses via the internet or it is also possible to create it in blender. And that also includes any manufactures you want as well other than M.A.N like Volvo, Neoplan, Solaris, marcopolo s.a, leyland, ikarus and many more. It is also possible to get buses that are not in real life that you create in blender or downloaded.

6.You can also download maps for those of you who are not sure how to use the map editor to create your own maps or just want more maps to drive of course.

7. OMSI schedules are real life based it looks just like a real schedule.

8. OMSI you can do whatever you want and the buses have "limitless features" it is also possible to modify existing models in blender.

9.OMSI the sounds are amazing compare to other bus games like bus simulator 16, bus simulator 2012, bus and cable car simulator.

10. It is also possible to edit the sounds and create your own sounds for OMSI.

11. You can also get any type of bus you want in OMSI; Articulated bus(Bendy) for Omsi 2, Single Decker, Coach, Minibus, Double Decker, Bi Articulated buses( Has more than two pieces than the bendy buses), trolley bus you can get it but you have to create this in blender and the animation for attaching the wires or of you see it anywhere to download you are in luck. U can even uses blender to get Gta buses in OMSI which u can't do in any other bus games. I saw a video where someone created GTA San Andreas Bus for OMSI the video's uniform resource locator is: Eventhough this model was not finished or fully developed it can still be finished in blender but this was just a proof that it is possible to get "Any bus" in OMSI and when creating your own buses you can use the scripts of an existing bus which is what this person did or you can create your own whatever you like. Scripts are like programming language that controls the entire simulation; you can uses it to script the phase of the moon, time of the day, the gearbox of the bus etc and many more. Don't worry it's not too hard and there is a manual for scripting too.

12. I also saw people modding GTA San Andreas to get buses like the volvo torino gv model while you can download this bus for FREE online for OMSI and some other models too that I sawing them modding GTA to get u can easily get it for OMSI and modify it using blender. And when u have the bus in OMSI u can control more stuff than GTA and the bus dashboard doesn't look fake like in GTA except the GTA V (enhanced version). But eventhough in GTA V enhanced version you have functional speedometers like in OMSI you still can't control certain stuff like the Doors, The display, the ticket machine and many other controls are not controllable in GTA but in OMSI.

13. U have Automatic and even have manual buses in OMSI u don't have manual buses for Bus simulator 16, Fernbus, Bus simulator 2012, Bus and cable car simulator.

14. I am a bus driver in real and I must say OMSI is quite accurate every single button or controls in real life is in OMSI and any controls can be simulated in the game and u can even change any physical button using blender for example suppose u want to change the buzzer; it is possible.
And compared to All Gta of course OMSI buses can hold the number of person based on the bus capacity when selecting the bus in the menu pleas read it.

15. And in OMSI it is possible to use current weather conditions in your location as well as create your own weather conditions.(Which is not possible any other bus sims).
And feature in other bus sims like loosening the door in bus sim 16 or the wheel chair ramp is also possible in OMSI via the door pressure release valve and the a button for wheel chair ramp and kneeling and rising the bus; as I said in OMSI "ANY" feature is possible.
I've always look for a bus game that allows u to do such features and to create your own bus But (only OMSI that is possible that's why it is one of the best bus sims and I play it alot).

16. It is possible to listen to your favourite radio station in OMSI but the radio must be Integrated into the website.

17.OMSI you can freely control the display of the bus and when creating your map you can create your own depot files for your own route.

18. In bus sim 16 you can create your own route and move the bus stops around but you can't create another map and the only map you can use is Sunny Springs. And for Fernbus and Bus and Cable Car simulator too you can create your own route but not your own map. While in OMSI you can do much more: create your own routes, create objects for the map, you can choose the AI list for the map, some objects on the maps are functional like garage, stoplight, streetlights and some bus stops may even tell the time and destination, you can move any objects on the map, you can set the scale and you can use google maps, you can modify textures of object on the map, you can modify your map anytime and any existing map. You can create your own depot files.

And Remember like in bus sim 16 you had your own garage in OMSI you have garages that are functional too like in Chicago downtown dlc and other downloadable maps you can wash your bus, fuel up and more in OMSI.

19. In OMSI u can freely control what the bus displays and change it when creating your own maps and the ticket machines and stuff.

20. In OMSI u can also change the texture of the notes used and use your own countries notes it is possible. U can change the texture of any object in the game but use of special program is required. (not mods).

21. U can Freely open any part of the bus if the bus model is fully developed which simply means you can download a bus online created by someone else and it is not fully developed and when you use the bus you find that the headlights won't work or the windows don't open.
However every buses and models that came with OMSI and the dlcs that were created by the developers of the game and not third party developers are fully developed or functional buses. That means with these bus you can open the windows, you can open the trunk and see the engine running, u can open the part where luggage are stored, u can open the part where the water tank is and in chicago downtown dlc buses have a bike rack storage at the front which is cool and many other parts of the bus can be open or controlled which some people didn't know u could even do this.

22. It is possible that u could also create your own model for passengers in blender and wheel chair models and your own voice packs.

23.One last thing why I play OMSI you can always publish the map or bus that u create so others can download it.
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Thank you for your support sambob as you could tell from my pic Im an electrical and electronics engineering student and I drive buses as a summer jobs. Any concerns regarding OMSI for beginners I can be asked questions at [email protected]. And i'll answer your questions or anything about OMSI that is Ambiguous or u need clarity on.

24. I forgot to say in OMSI you can you use more than one controls simultaneously(more than one controls at once). You can use/connect a steering wheel, mouse, joystick, keyboard, gaming control etc anything you want/ comfortable to use. You can even create your own key combinations for any function that can be done through the click of a mouse.
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I think OMSI is a better Bus Simulation than other Sims because its design goal was to maximise the simulation and minimise the game play - other Sims have different priorities. I want to immerse myself in the experience of virtual bus driving - so OMSI is now the only one I run. Its unfortunate that it makes greater use of the CPU for graphics rendering and does not off load graphics tasks to the graphics card as much as other sims. It is also a 32 bit program not a 64 bit program. Despite these technical limitations I still find the driving experience streets ahead of the competition. Its open architecture also means new maps and buses are continually being added - often freely available.

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