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Hello everyone. I have been using steering wheel (G27) which I think is more suited for racing simulation titles and pedals but I want to get one maybe one that fits for bus simulation

where can I find or how can I build one of these? for example:




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Any setup you see like that will be built by hand, based around real components bought either direct from the manufacturers on Alibaba or similar or, more likely, taken from a real bus at a scrapyard. OMSI has quite a powerful API allowing you to connect external hardware to the game, but it has to be manually programmed and you will need to connect all of the componentry to a microcontroller such as an Arduino to allow it to interface with the PC.

The force feedback for the wheel is normally either the base of a wheel like the G27 or is custom built - using a car electric power assistance motor seems to be a reasonably well accepted method, though I don't know how the people who do it encode the wheel position.

Basically you'll need a pretty good understanding of electronics and programming to be able to do it, as well as being able to design and build your own mounting mechanism to be able to connect all the components together - though it's by no means impossible.

Or you can do what I did and just use a block of wood and a few clamps to be able to attach the G27 upside down so you get a flatter wheel angle :P

EDIT: Oh, and don't buy the Saitek Farm Sim wheel, it uses a simple centering spring instead of force feedback, i.e. it's a POS. However, the Farm Sim side panel is definitely a good plug-and-play way of adding a bunch more buttons to your simulation experience.
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Knowing it would never happen, but i wonder how hard it would be for a company to manufacture something like a gaming dashboard, surely not the worst idea ive thought of? xD
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