ETS2 Wheeling Vikings Hiring!


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Sep 4, 2018
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Hi everyone!

Wheeling Vikings is a start up, currently just 3 people. We want to expand to several drivers. It is a unique opportunity to be part of creating and building this company from scratch, pretty much. A manager/representative position will be available in the future!

Main Office is in Aalborg, Denmark.
Discord? - Yes!
ETS2 or ATS? - ETS2 only at the moment.
Goal? - To have several employees to do convoys and hopefully with enough active/regular drivers to have planned events/convoys as well.
The Discord is divided into several convoys channels in which you can team up with your friends and compete some stats in the company.

Link to Company:

Do head over to Wheeling Vikings and read the rules of the company. If you find it fitting, don't hesitate to apply, whether you're a viking by blood, or an honorary viking!

Hope to see your application on the site, and to see you on the roads!

Best regards,
Wheeling Vikings