Whats the best head tracker/track IR? (2 Viewers)


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Hello everyone!

I have thought about for some time about getting head tracking/track IR. And I wanted to know what's the best one on the market.

What do you all use and your opinions on them?

I thought about getting 'TrackHat'. Is there anyone on here that uses this, and is it compatible with games like; ETS2/ATS, OMSI, F1 etc?

Thank you in advanced!



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I’ve been using the TrackHat clip since early 2018 and would highly recommend it. The only problems I’ve had are small things like occasionally drifting from the centre in ETS2, but that’s not a massive problem if you set up a hotkey to re-centre it. It works in a variety of games, I believe there is (or at least used to be) a list of officially supported games on TrackHat’s website.

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