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Mar 16, 2016
Been to Wells 4 times and went last month and I can say the bus station looks pretty accurate to real life. Just add a Tesco opposite the bus station. Those hills will be pretty difficult to get right in the editor.
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Jun 24, 2017
Got bored of the back and decided to try out making the front of this thing.
View attachment 49202

I've done some looking at ways of smoothing out edges as in the pic above it is clear that it is all made up of tiny squares. Not totally figured it out yet.

Below in OMSI I've got one which is basically as above (but without the shaped bumper) next to one which was smoothed in Blender and looked okay. Once it made it into OMSI the small amounts of smoothing had somehow turned massive and screwed up most of the detailing.
With OMSI's lighting effects being what they are, it's kind of hard to tell what has actually been modelled in 3d so far.
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On a side note - how would creating a curved windscreen work? I don't want there to be noticeably awkward angles or lines in the reflection when looking out from the F1/cab view.
Also I bet you didn't think you'd be seeing that rubbish red Optare Vecta again!
If you haven't already, what you could do to get rid of the squares after using the bevel tool would be to click on the model>go into object mode>press smooth, under the shading tab. It'll make whatever highlighted much smoother!



Oct 24, 2016
Whilst I do repaints I usually keep them to myself, probably just a part of me flexing but I was rather bored and was envious of Lothian's B8Ls. So I took my jealousy out on the Enviro500MMC 12.8m.
Still just the basis of the repaint without getting into detail.


Oct 24, 2016
How did you get the window on the stair case
In short: I 'drew' it over.

Long story: I once accidentally noticed the windows/body share the same file because I mis-saved a repaint I made for myself in a wrong orientation, whether it's 90 or 180 degrees I don't remember, I used the exploit in this one to give the E500MMC the E400XLB glazed staircase look. So in theory you can make any part of the bus a window so as long as you know what you're doing but I haven't tested that theory out.


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Apr 19, 2017
More Omnidekka. Wondering if I should make an actual thread for it instead of posting here every time, or if that's a little too much commitment!

No massive progress since last time as I've been taking a break from it, but I don't want to leave it so long I forget how to use Blender! Added a little bit of the rubber around the windscreen as well as beginning to map out where things on the side are located, starting with the wheel arches.
Have been working from some photos I have of front/sides/rear of the prototype in Blender, although I know there will be some amount of distortion and inaccuracy using this method I don't expect this model to turn out identical to the real thing or the old one I modelled in Sketchup. I'd rather end up with it having the look and feel of an Omnidekka with a few minor discrepancies than be millimetre perfect but requiring ten times the research and work.