What's on your workbench?

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Apr 29, 2018
I have decided to work on an improved Stagecoach AI pack for Scunthorpe. This will include more common buses, such as the ALX400 and the enviro 200, making it more like the real buses in the area. In the future, there may be more work on other maps (e.g Cotterell) and potentially a Stagecoach Arriva or Stagecoach First AI on Scunthorpe.
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Apr 27, 2018
ALX400s and Enviro 200s or MAN A21s running around for AI. I am going to see if I can get the Enviro 200 to work, otherwise, it will be the A21 running to be like the Enviro 200 with the MAN engines. @snarledcomic1 will aslo be doing work on other maps, such as Keedlestone, and we will both be doing work on BOTW and Cotterell.
Think we should take the Eclipse 1.5s out and replace with Citaros
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Apr 29, 2018
HI. I am working on creating better AI for many maps in OMSI 2, starting with Scunthorpe. So far, I have replaced the most of the Stagecoach single deckers (the Eclipse 1.5) with Enviro 200s and split the Enviro 400 group so half of the Stagecoach double deckers are now ALX400Rs. I am now working on adding in MAN A21s to be like the MAN engine Enviro 200s in the area and maybe some Citaros. Following this, I will then change some of the Hornsby fleet, and then release the first AI file. I hope to have this done before the start of 2019, giving you a nice New Year's change to Scunthorpe

Following this work, I will then work on replacing Hornsby with other companies, such as First and Arriva, creating a battle of the big bus companies in the area, just like in mnay cities and towns/areas in the UK.

During this time, @snarledcomic1 will be doing some work on a different map, either Cotterell or BOTW, as well as working on his own map which probably will never be completed.

This shows the current progress of Scunthorpe's AI, with Enviro200s and ALX400s being mixed in with the Stagecoach AI.