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Another one that was started but forgot about at some point, this will be part of an update to COSMICs old Arriva Pack we did for the Marsterdeck


aka Hadi#6503
Working on a series of semi-fictional (an combination of two past real liveries) London Poppy Repaints since it's almost November! I will add the usual stickers soon, if you have any feedback or criticism just reply, and I'll try to rectify it. I'll be releasing this for you to enjoy in addition when I'm done :)

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Do you think i could get that repaint? Or could u tell me how to make my own repaint lol. That repaint is actually really good!
As this is in the "workbench" thread it's safe to assume it's still work in progress, so you are probably unable to get the repaint.

However, many many buses come with templates these days so you are able to open these templates in Photoshop / Paint.NET to then create whatever repaint you like :)

EDIT: Seems like GalVhv69 replied just as I was typing this, so apologies!



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Hi I Downloaded it, put the folders in right place but how do I make it appear as the driver? any help cheers
You need to go to the map folder for the map you want to change the driver on, open Drivers.txt and change the path to where the .hum file for the Santa is

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