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Middle-Lane Hogger
Introduction to the thread: With a variety of trucks to choose from in the base game and many more that can be added into the game with mods, what truck or brand of truck do you choose to drive? Are there any particular reasons why you choose that truck in particular? Do you perhaps like to switch it up, and go for the full Smörgåsbord (which definitely didn't involve a copy and paste job from Google), mixing it up frequently? Feel free to leave your stories and interesting tales about the trucks you drive below 👇.

Thought to add a bit more of a fun element to this, feel free to rate each others trucks as well. What do you rate and what do you hate?

My truck: Here's mine, it is a Scania Streamline with a couple of horsepower buried within the engine bay somewhere. If the first thing you are thinking is something along the lines of good grief, that truck is absolutely hideous, how were you able to make something which should look so good, so bad, then I'd normally agree. It does look like a highly pressurised can of fizzy drink went off in the box of accessories in the workshop and exploded little bits of lights over the front of the truck. Normally, I prefer simpler trucks with few accessories, more akin to the sort of thing you'd see overtaking another truck going 1mph slower than it, on a two-lane dual carriageway. I actually made this truck originally as a joke, in 2016, a couple of days after the Mighty Griffin accessory pack released, to see just how hideous you could make a truck look. Somehow, I ended up liking it, and a version of it has been In every profile since then. That's the story, I know, an anti-climax, but it could be worse, you could be stuck behind that truck overtaking I alluded to just a couple of lines ago.

Here's an image or two, and I'm looking forwards to seeing and hearing about your trucks below.


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