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I want to make another map, as a Secondary Project along side Morleyshire. What Real life my would people want (to the standard of cotterell). Please post the map area and what routes you would like and the most popular route chosen i might do.



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Bangor (Gwynedd) in North Wales would be a brilliant idea; it's quite a small city so it shouldn't be too hard, but it is very hilly so that might be a challenge! Notable routes through the city include the 5C, 5/X5, 4A, 4/X4, 6, 42/43, 56/57, 62, 75, 85/86 and T2

If you want something easier, why not do an even smaller city, which is in another part of North Wales and happens to be Britain's 2nd smallest city, St Asaph! The 51(B) goes through it which runs from Rhyl to Denbigh, but for simplicity you can just do the following section of it from Bodelwyddan Hospital to Tweemill Outlet! 51B goes through the business park, but 51 bypasses it on the A55 dual carriageway! Plenty of variation within this short section of route!


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As much as id like to recommend a map for you to build, id strongly suggest you just work on your current map, building just one map takes tons of time and patience, as you may be finding out. Having two maps at once will slow down any progress and give you a ton of extra work to do. However if you do decide to go for something else, it would be easier to go for an area close to you so you've seen it well enough to be more accurate.


Stagecoach Merseyside X2. A nice long city - city route. The map can even be expanded to include more services. E.g The 47, 53, 63, 133, 54 & 54A & 206. Then there's a number of school bus services from a number of different schools along the route too.
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We did a survey a while back... the map is probably still online somewhere if you can find the post. IIRC, the main clusters were London and the West Midlands with some concentrations in Scottish cities, Tyne and Blackpool. So basically most urban areas lol.

Edit: Found it. You'll have to ignore the pisstake entries tho lol ZeeMap-2656242 map
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I think it best to have a go at the editor, with Iomex’s push to create a junction, I can safely say it’s coming along well, albeit smaller than the real life junction, it looks convincing. Also Mr Yanke$ from Fictional Szczecin’s WIP photos, i call him Mr Roundabout, as he creates superb fly overs and junctions.

But I won’t mention what I’m working on as it’s probably never going to surface, but someones repaints inspired me 👍🏾

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Maybe Warrington, as you could develop the map in stages, Starting with one side and then developing the other when ready?

Notable routes in W'tn East: 17(17, 17A, 17C), 20/21 (The Pops), 25 (26 & 27 On Sunday)
Note: Since the 19 & 28 leave warrington, these could be AI routes to begin with?

Notable routes in W'tn South: 1,11,2,12,10A, Cheshire Cat
Note: 'Cat' Buses leave warrington, these could again be AI to start out

Notable routes in W'tn West: 17,32 (Blueline) ,18 (Runs once a day to Priestley college), 16(A)
Note: 32 leaves Warrington
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For me, it's routes...
• First X53 (Bournemouth to Exeter via Weymouth, along the Jurassic Coast)
• First 31 (Weymouth to Axminster via Dorchester and Bridport)
• First 1 (Weymouth to Portland)
• First 501 (Weymouth to Portland Bill)
• First 10 (Weymouth to Dorchester)
• W&D 183 (Weymouth to Blandford Forum via Dorchester)
• W&D 184 (Blandford Forum to Salisbury via Blandford Camp)
• W&D X3 (Salisbury to Bournemouth via Ringwood, but particularly the section from Salisbury to Ringwood)
• W&D m1/m2 (Poole to Bournemouth)
I know that it's a huge list, but still. It's the maps which I'd like to see in OMSI 2. ;)



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Not sure if Northern Ireland would interest you. But anything from Ballymena, Belfast or Derry would be grand for me.


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I Love to see a Newcastle Upon Tyne map for omsi 2 always wanted someone to try and made one as am no good with creating maps.
A map with just the XLines trunk services would be amazing, maybe we'll see it one day, who knows!


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Would love a Northampton map covering the town but also routes out to Wellingborough, Rushden & Raunds (x46/x47) omsi-modds did start one but I think it died a while back


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The one service I would love to see would be the 191 service provided by Arriva Medway.

It's my favourite route as it starts in an urban area (Chatham) and passes through Rochester and Strood.
From then on, it is a scenic route to the numerous villages and hamlets across the Hoo Peninsula.

What makes the route so interesting is the variability of the service. Places where the service will definitely pass through is:

  • Chatham
  • Rochester
  • Strood
  • Hoo

The shortened route of this service either terminates at St. John's Road or at Hoo Marina.

In addition, the extended route (inexplicably given as '191' too) will pass through High Halstow on its way to its main destination Grain. However, there is a direct path to Grain through Stoke, or alternatively the service can pass through Allhallows and Lower Stoke on its way to Grain.

When it reached its destination of Grain, the extended service usually does the reverse of what it did previously, on its way back to Chatham.

I hope everyone understood that, mind it was a headache trying to familiarise myself with the route(s).

Below is the longest possible route it can take:

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