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Reasonably self-explanatory, but thought it might bring up some interesting discussion. With the Iberian map expansion presumably coming at the end of this year or the start of next year, where should ETS2 go next? Should SCS develop another map expansion, if so where? If not, what should be focused on and why? Here are a couple of ideas I had while going for a bit of a drive earlier today:
  • Multi-drop deliveries: picking up a load from X, and then dropping it off at multiple different Y's, either to different businesses in the same town or to multiple different destinations in close proximity to each other. I think it would add some interesting diversification into the job market, and remove the slight monotony in constantly going from A to B, without any C's. (It'd be pretty cool if we could take a tanker of petrol for example, and drop it off at multiple petrol stations).
  • Contracts: instead of taking just one job from a company, having the option to take multiple jobs, once again either to the same destination or to multiple different destinations. These could have a financial incentive. Might be a way to add some more complexity to the current 'business management' side of things, for example you could assign drivers from your company to take some of the loads.
  • Sorting out some of the AI bugs: I've been playing ETS2 since before it was even on Steam, so I remember the days when the AI was even worse than what it currently is. That being said, some things such as merging are still pretty rough around the edges, so some refinement would be welcome.
  • Improvement of existing areas of the map: I believe SCS are by and large already planning to do this, we currently have Germany being re-worked for example. Next up the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, and much of the Going East expansion could really do with a bit of a makeover.
  • Older trucks: I'm sure there's probably a much better technical term for these, but would be nice to have some older trucks preserved in the Sim. Some modders have already done a great job of this, but having some officially in the game would add some depth. Think ERF's, Scania 4 series etc.
  • Seasons: once again, something modders have already done quite well, but an implementation of seasons into the game would be really nice, especially if there was a marked change in the way the scenery looks. This gives a good incentive to go back and drive roads you have driven before in another season. For more depth you could also have the job market affected by what season it is, for example only being able to deliver certain cargo in a particular season.
  • Sounds: the conversion to FMOD, I believe, has brought us better ambient sounds than what we previously had, and the fact SCS are doing this confirms that they realise this has always been a bit of a problem. Some of the truck sounds however, desperately need work. Modders such as Kapitan Kriechbaum and EVR have set the gold standard for truck sounds, hopefully SCS can follow their lead.

So, what do you think about those ideas? What would you like to see implemented into ETS2?
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My biggest bugbear is dealing with the last few inaccurate motorway signs, as I often like to navigate off signage instead of the GPS. The specific ones I'm talking about are those motorway signs which say that two lanes carry on straight and a new slip diverges, but when you get there it turns out that one lane carries on and the other diverges so you have to do a hasty lane change.

That aside, the biggest new feature I would like to see is:

Used truck dealerships combined with a system for truck wear and tear, in which older trucks gradually mechanically degrade as you drive them - the older the truck, the more wear and tear - so you have to frequently repair older trucks while newer ones can go for longer. You would also be able to do a complete overhaul of your older truck, at great expense, to return it to as-new condition.

This would add a new aspect to fleet management, as well as allowing a cheaper way into truck ownership early in the game.


Something I've always fancied over generations of the game is loading and unloading, was a good step introducing the mechanic of cargoes with owned trailers and the Air Line connectors and landing legs, but always imagined using a forklift or something.

Suppose it detracts a bit from the original games idea and you'd have people complaning 'it's a truck game not a forklift game' but would be nice to have the option of using something like a trailer mounted forklift or hiab crane for bricks etc.


Middle-Lane Hogger
My biggest bugbear is dealing with the last few inaccurate motorway signs
Ah, I forget about these, they really are a bit of a nightmare. I also like using the signs on the motorway and have had many a late lane changes, particularly bad in the Netherlands and Belgium from memory.

Used truck dealerships combined with a system for truck wear and tear
Definitely a fan of this idea, especially if, as you say, it means there is a cheaper way into truck ownership earlier in the game. Might incentivise doing more quick jobs first, instead of just taking out a bank loan, which does sometimes feel like the easy way out.

using a forklift or something
Another good idea, feel like this would make people feel a bit more attached to the cargo they are carrying as well, have to say I rarely actually know or check what I am carrying unless it's obvious. For sure would be nice if we could drive cars onto car transporters for example, or attach pipes to petrol tankers etc.
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