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Greetings earthlings,
I thought I'd do a quick little info-guide on the common causes of missing tiles in OMSI. Most people seem to struggle to understand that just one missing object or spline can cause a whole town to disappear. To understand why this happens, we need to delve deeper into how OMSI works.
OMSI loads maps in quite a basic manner, and deals with missing assets in a very rudimentary manner. OMSI maps are split into tiles. Each tile on a map has its own file(s), which contains all the information it needs to load the tile. Included is where various objects and splines are to be placed (it's not that simple, but let's keep it like that for a moment). So essentially what it has is a list of all the objects and splines it needs to find and call-up in order for everything to be how the map developer made and envisaged it. However, OMSI uses the exact file path to find the asset. If it's not exactly where it says it is, it will class it as missing. This is the most common cause of a blank tile. So even if you have the exact asset readily available, just in a different directory (whether it be on another Hard Drive or simply in a folder with one missing letter in its name), it won't be recognised. This is why it's important to install things in the right place. Reading the read-me will help you do this.
I hope this has given you a little insight and understanding on what happens when a map is loaded, and why OMSI most likely will throw a blank tile of evilness right towards you.
And when we say "follow the installation instructions precisely and read the read-me", we mean it!
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