What can I add for TSLP to give it a more London feel? (1 Viewer)

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section if it is I would be very grateful if you were to move it for me :)  Thanks.

So the thing I am wondering about is I have TSLP Beta and I was wondering if there is anything I could add to it to give it that London feel (Bus and repaint wise) As currently G2's are dominating the map and it gets a bit dull. I have seen people on this forum post pictures of a B7TL with a London repaint , E400MMC and I do believe some buses like MCV evolution and a dart I think? Not sure about that but something like that and it made it feel very much so like London and so hence I wondered where I can obtain them as like I said TSLP is just plain at the moment. Many Thanks!



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I'd probably wait until the full release is out, as there aren't many vehicles London Spec vehicles currently out that can be used across the map.
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