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Oct 28, 2016
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Saxon transport is a relaunch company of W&N Logistics and is under the wing of western gaming. The history of Saxon Transport. We was once called W&N Logistics Europe we worked along side W&N Logistics in America for sometime sadly W&N US closed its doors due to real life issues so the Europe side had to close as well. A year later we opened our doors as Saxon Transport on the 11th February 2019 with the help of Western Gaming community we are looking forward into the relaunch and bring the numbers back.

Upon joining you will receive the Junior Driver tag. Once you complete 15,000 Miles of Trucksbook jobs you will be moved up to Driver and be given a choice of 2 trucks you would like. This position is held until you complete 50,000 mile of Trucksbook jobs where you will then be moved up to Senior Driver and get to choose a third. After you have completed 100,000 Miles of Trucksbook logs you will then hold the tag of Veteran Driver and be able to choose a Forth truck.

Also on truckbooks you have to do 2 500 miles per month if u got what its take join us today

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Jan 12, 2014
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must be able to drive flatbeds, heavy & abnormal loads. (we also do have a haulage side to the VTC if you can drive heavy hauls)
If you like to join as an owner driver you are more than welcome too.
need to be able to do a drivers test. (dates with be made between you and the recruiter)
must be 16 or over. (under 16 maybe let in by the permission of the owners)
must also agree to the rules of the server and the VTC.
If you are interested then please go to...
Welcome to the forum, and best of luck with your VTC! :)