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Hello everyone,

Before I begin I'm not advertising anything or myself, please read what I have to say.

So I work as a web developer and I'm very passionate about it. Outside of work when I have some free time I love to work on my own projects. Currently, I'm not working on anything and have always loved the idea of working on a community/game driven website/web-application.

So what am I asking? Well, I would like some ideas! I came here to see if there are any OMSI specific or simulation specific ideas people have. The project would be completely free and I would love it to be community driven, so ideas and features agreed on by the community.

Thanks for reading,



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Hard to say, the only things we *need* really are desktop applications for developers. With virtual bus companies, that's perfectly catered for by BCS (although you can't just freely start a VBC on that). Maybe there's demand for a VBC management console for those who do not use or want BCS?

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