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Hello Everyone!

At Hello Trucking we deliver all types of cargo all distances!

Hello Trucking has IMPORTANT slots open in the company

We have very few rules here at hello trucking;

  • MUST have ATS
  • MUST have discord and be able to join our server; Hello Trucking
  • An age of 12 and older is requiered
  • Mics are not needed but may be in the future
  • ATS and ETS2 MP in not needed because you can use singleplayer


  • Must have at least 5 hours in ATS
Heavy Cargo DLC is not needed but welcome

If you want to apply (which I reccomend you do!;)) go to my website and follow the instructions to directly apply or to contact me.

WEBSITE: https://hellotrucking.weebly.com/

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