[W.S] Cotterell Pack for V3D's ALX400

Map Mods [W.S] Cotterell Pack for V3D's ALX400 v2

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Oh that one, that does those repaints.
Apr 1, 2016
Whiskey.Stuffs submitted a new download:

Cotterell Pack for V3D's ALX400 - Replaces AI to ALX400, with custom repaints and destinations

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Cotterell Buses take over First Bus!

This pack replaces the old AI in Cotterell and changes it to the ALX, with some smexy custom repaints and custom destination blinds.

This pack will overwrite your original AI-list in Cotterell and replace registration plates for the ALX

Please take a look at read me for another details

Got to my page for more of my work! Whiskey.Stuffs...
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Oct 29, 2016
realy good as always! might just be me being dumb but how come the u18 blinds say tones railway station as well as the uni?