Volvo olympian 10.4m ai

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Jun 28, 2018
@LeylandNationalStagecoach sorry if i upset you i didnt mean to
Ecron's right, it's fine. :)
Thanks for your concern though.
He's sensitive.
Excuse me? 🤣
No. 😄
No, I just said it for fits and gigs?
That's odd... normally if someone says something funny I would have laughed... 🤔
Well don't worry, I probably would have laughed at it if the joke hadn't been on me, and if it was funny. ;)
Like, no offence, but it takes more than just saying false facts for a joke to be funny. :)
IMO at least. 😛
im confused xd
Same. 😄
Don't worry, you haven't upset him :)
He used the ":(" emoji to show that he was sad that the Volvo can only be used for one map ;)
Thanks for clarifying, you're right. :)
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