Volvo B7TL Gemini 1


Mar 29, 2016
Welcome To The Volvo B7TL Gemini 1 Thread!

So i am taking over the Volvo B7TL Gemini 1 to bring it up to standards in line with the C400R.

What's Going To Change?
- The exterior has had some major modelling changes do to it.
- The whole interior is going to be rebuilt. E.G - Poles, luggage holder etc.
- The cab is going to have some minor change, which will be noticeable.
- New sounds will be implemented.

When Will It Be Released?
As soon as i am happy with it.

Will I Be Giving Out Beta's?
- I will give it out to people :tongueout:

Here is progress so far!

The brake lights need sorting out. But it has undergone major improvements. E.G - 3D Grills, New Exhaust.


The Front has also undergone modelling as well!


This is one of the poles, which has been rebuilt. Used to be very low poly and not very curvy :tongueout:

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May 7, 2016
What colour destination boards will it feature, the orange, white or Greenish ones?

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Aug 31, 2016
bus looks great I am really looking forward to seeing it finished also good luck for your project and take how long you like to work on it and keep up the great work :)


Mar 29, 2016
"So i am taking over the Volvo B7TL Gemini 1 to bring it up to standards in line with the C400R."

Are you going to start from scratch then?
Sort of. I have taken over the old model, but am rebuilding most of it so... I guess it's technically starting from scratch in some places

Will it be private or public beta?
I will let everyone know nearer the time
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Bradley Good

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Oct 20, 2016
Looking good mate!
Once you have done a single door version will you be making a London version with 2 doors and iBus?