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Before I begin, apologies if this has already been raised.
I am currently building a fictional map for OMSI 2 and I wish to use the Volvo B7L Eclipse 1.5 along with the ADL Enviro 400 (likely to switch to C200 if it's released before the map is) for single decker AI (so most routes). The B7L would be very important for the map as I find it a suitable alternative for Arriva Sapphire VDL SB200 Pulsar 2s. I currently have the B7L listed in the ailists.cfg however, the AI never seem to set the destination until I switch to the bus and when it gets to the terminus, it doesn't change. Is this known by the developers and is there any way I can fix this?



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Cameron's Gaming,

[Unfortunately, on checking the Downloads section, this fix was uploaded in September 2016, and so it looks as if it can't be downloaded
for the time being.]

I had the same problem with the AI Eclipse not showing the destination. I asked the same question way back in July, and DaCookie // MFF76 replied, mentioning that there was a fix in the downloads section under Volvo B7TL v2 AI fix. Although it states Volvo B7TL v2, it certainly worked for the single-deck Eclipse in TWM livery, although the front destination is quite faint. [This is something I hope to be able to change in the near future.]

Hope this will help when you are able to download it.

Bruce Gauld.

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