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Hello, I have for a long time looking to join a vtc but I keep getting rejected since I am under 15 years old. I can understand that VTC's set these limits because there is alot of younger players that are just a pain in the a** I understand, but in my case I just want a chance to show that even tho im 14 I have the experience of being in a VTC. I have played ETS2 for about four years with about 600+h atleast, I always drive according to rules, speed limits etc I have been on multiplayer for all the hours on my Steam account which will be around 300+h and I have no ban or anything. So I am wondering if there is any quite big VTC with "alot" of members that would like to have me in their company for a test period. If this is the wrong place to post then admins please remove the thread. Thanks




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Age is a pain for many reasons. Community policies, online safety of younger people... Big headache, hence why our written policies are so extensive (if anyone's taken the time to read them :P ). It sucks but it's one of those things you have to wait out sometimes. Best of luck with your search - there are a lot of VTCs that do take on younger drivers, Soarfly Haulage I think still do. Swift perhaps? :)


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Come on over to Premiere Transport VTC! Age doesn't matter, we look experience. We get you started ASAP when you apply. Just be sure to read over all the guidelines before applying. If any questions, Please feel free to ask by either emailing us at, [email protected] OR you can private message me on here.

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