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Hello There

Today i am here to talk to you all about virtual stagecoach.Virtual Stagecoach is a VBC that was formed by one person back in 2009 for midtown madness 2 and was moved to OMSI when it was released in 2011 and has been going since in that time we have had 2 CEO's and we are currantly the biggest company in OMSI to date we are currantly looking for Repaint Specialists to join the team of Fitters and we are looking for PCV drivers Apply today at: Virtual Stagecoach Application Form (new website in the works)

Visit us On Facebook: Virtual Stagecoach

*side note* I know that virtual stagecoach has had a shady past this is no longer a thing with the unauthorised models and we apologise for any inconvenience caused

Many Thanks And Hope To see You Soon
VS Fleet & Services Manager
Ryan Wainwright
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