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:) Hey Everyone :)

So recently i have been contacted by several "Virtual Bus Companies" asking to use Yorkshire Counties and if they can run a Yorkshire Virtual Bus Company.
This has prompted me to release the following statement that applies to ALL community members when using Yorkshire Counties and/or advertising your Virtual Bus Company.

you can use it but you must ensure the following is included in the description "
This map is not exclusive too nor the property of Virtual Yorkshire/Virtual Bus Company/Virtual [Company Name Here] or in anyway associated with the Yorkshire Counties map. Please follow this link to download and use the Yorkshire Counties map Yorkshire Counties " You cannot advertise it as a EXCLUSIVE map to your company and/or mislead anyone into believing you have the rights to use this map above any other virtual bus company. Anyone is free to use the map but cannot claim its the property of and/or exclusive to their company or advertise it as such. Also you must not use the repaints provided as part of the map for the company livery as these are the property of Whisky.Stuff and again are exclusive to the Yorkshire Counties Map

I Hope you all continue to support and love the map and the patch update will be due around the start of March 2019 so look forward to it. If you are unclear as to the Virtual Bus Company guidelines for Yorkshire Counties please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thanks and "Keep Connected"
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