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Oct 25, 2016
A recent upload of a monster Versa, D Jones & Son Optare V1170 Optare Versa YJ13HJO is operating a Service 10 between Wrexham and Bwlchgwyn, unfortunately my new Sony Xperia does not have the 4K Camera Application i previously used although the sound is good and its still 1080P enjoy (if you watch it) :)


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May 13, 2016

Finally got some better footage of one of the Mercedes Citaro’s which have been transferred from Maidstone to Sheerness, for use on Routes 333/334. This bus is literally rev heaven, so enjoy!


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Apr 5, 2016
Looks like i havent updated here in a while, not since that DLA video at Showbus. I've uploaded some more here. Take your pick from the spoiler :)

YouTube - Theres another video here, of one of the other MANs. I dont know why but it wasnt too pleased with me embedding it :/
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Dec 19, 2016
Years go by and the engine notes of buses develop accordingly. Here's the evolution of the Scania engine note.

Scania Engine Note Evolution: 1995 - 2015



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Apr 1, 2016
Seen here is First Aberdeens Volvo B10BLE Wright Renown 62164 while operating a Northern Lights service 16 to Guild Street.



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Oct 22, 2016
In what is marking 10 years of me being an enthusiast, largely relies on the Arriva Kent Thameside "Fastrack" Service. This is what is responsible for putting me in the position I am in now. Without it, I wouldn't exist! So I owe it a lot. And as a token of my appreciation, I've made sure they're well documented. As I have a strong bond with all of the vehicles. Here's to the forever preserved Fastracks!


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Apr 1, 2016
Seen here is First Aberdeen's rather impressive Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse Gemini 37644 on a very rare off-working on the 3. She is seen operating between Union Terrace Gardens and Mastrick Shopping Centre, The bus was running around 10 minutes late due to bad traffic earlier in the day so the driver was being rather feisty!