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A solution that may be proposed to fix issues with OMSI is to "Verify the integrity of the game cache / game files / OMSI" or similar such words.
What this means is to tell Steam to compare the perfect installation it has on it's servers with the equivalent files in your OMSI installation and re-download any files that don't match. This is a good way to fix problems with OMSI itself, accidentally deleting default content, reverting overwritten default content or similar issues.

A couple of things to note before performing this action:
  • Settings and key binding changes are saved to files that will be overwritten by this action, so backup options.cfg, keyboard.cfg and (if you have a steering wheel or similar) gamectrler.cfg so you can revert them after the verification if you want those not to change.
  • Verifying OMSI only adds missing files or overwrites changed files, it will not delete any additional files.
  • If any mods you have installed modify default files, you'll have to install those again afterwards (although if installing them in the first place caused the issue, then reinstalling them would be a bad idea).
So, how do you do it?
If you right-click on OMSI 2 in Steam, you can go to the Properties menu and "Verify integrity of game files".
The process will take a short while to scan your OMSI directory and then proceed to "update" OMSI where it downloads all of the missing files.


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