Update to the Company Promotion Section!


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Jan 12, 2014
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Quick update to the VTC section ahead of the release of American Truck Simulator!

We now have three sections for VTC's to advertise in so it's easier for people to find a company that operates in their game of choice!

American Truck Simulator VTC's: http://www.trucksim.org/forums/ats-vtcs.78/
Companies that operate only in ATS

Euro Truck Simulator 2 VTC's: http://www.trucksim.org/forums/ets2-vtcs.12/
Companies that operate only in ETS2

Uncategorised VTC's: http://www.trucksim.org/forums/uncategorised-vtcs.79/
Companies that operate in ATS, ETS2 and any other truck sim game

Single Player & Multiplayer VTC's will remain mixed, we may look at a more effective way of separating these in the future..

Any existing VTC threads have been categorised as ETS2 VTC's, however if you wish to have yours moved to a different section leave a reply here with the link and where you'd like it moved to and we can sort that for you :)
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