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Oct 26, 2016
Hi anyone know where there is a complaint area as it is completely unfair moderators don't have to follow things like:

U tell us not to put do not diatribute but moderators are allowed dont see how that's fair.

One more complaint is I've had my work not approved and was told that I should include it in a pack and that I've uploaded it twice in 2 diffeent packs but your moderators are aloud that is complete out of order!


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Apr 1, 2016
If you wish to lodge a complaint at the staff team, then please use the contact us field here: Contact us


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Jan 18, 2016
I'm going to make this simple. Do not distribute is a term, not a licence. They are two separate things all together. So the easiest solution is to leave to leave "License" blank unless you want the file to be open source. And put does not re-distribute in the readme or in the description.


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Dec 10, 2015
Thread locked. If you need to make a complaint either create a report or use the Contact Us page. It says on the home page that moderation will be slow over the Christmas period and we have many items to get through that people upload so please bear with us :)
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Dec 10, 2015
I changed that text to put that there because several people have felt compelled to fill that box with that exact text, despite that box being for entering a license. "Do Not Distribute" is not in itself a license, in fact including that text changes nothing from leaving it blank.

You see, software is automatically copyright protected, unless the author states that they are waiving their copyright rights (something that can be done with a License). As such, if you release something on this forum without a license, it is not permitted for anyone to redistribute or release modified versions of that content anyway (hence we frown upon content that uses another's work without permission, because it infringes on copyright).

A license also has the ability to specify much more, such as the right to display/perform the work (i.e. if you can use it in YouTube videos/screenshots), modify the work (i.e. whether you're allowed to release your modified version) and more.

"All Rights Reserved" is a more formal way of saying "Do Not Distribute", and is equally redundant.

You're welcome to put "Do Not Distribute" (or in fact any other way of saying that or another distribution right) in your download itself or in the description though. You can put it in big bold letters there too. :)
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