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The UK Design Team is a collaboration between several UK-based OMSI content creators, to raise the profile of the UK in the OMSI community, and to pool resources to create an efficient team capable of generating higher quality content at a faster speed than before.

UKDT is run as a democratic committee, and as such there is no 'owner'. There are, however, two tiers of membership - effectively 'admin', 'staff', and 'associates'. UKDT associates comprise mainly testers.

  • iomex
  • Whistlehead
  • Fellowslothb
  • Road-hog123
  • PH6NT0M
  • Tom
  • Blueorange
  • Ross4122
  • BTV
  • Ross4122
  • Joe Alker
  • gh0o0o0o0st
  • simulatorguy101
  • Sunny2807
  • Blukemalarkey
  • Chrisrose1993
  • Danielc2525
  • eamons85
  • Jamie
  • Lubukesh
  • Mystic_Greg
  • Puncake
  • Rob_Devs
  • oainientk3
    • (This list will be updated in due course)
The collaboration of content creators resulted in a more efficient workflow, within 6 months of inception, our first product was ready.

  • Cotterell (map)
  • London Citybus 400R (bus)
  • Buses of the Westcountry v2.9 (map)
  • well as various smaller items
UKDT Future Plans
BotW is being tied off due to its age. Version 2.9 has been published, and Version 3 is in the works. There is currently discussion as to whether we will replace this with a new map covering the same area, or another project.

We also want to continue making appearances at Showbus, and possibly other events, with Virtual Driving Experience stands.

In addition to this, we want to continue creating new assets, and continue supporting the UK community in creating new content.


This is an initiative we'd like to start soon, which will see us actively mentoring the community on a more in-depth level of tuition to what's currently provided by OMSI documentation. This academy will teach various subjects such as map creation and bus modelling, and will not only teach you how to use the editors, but how to incorporate style to produce good-quality content.

The Academy infrastructure is under construction, and will be for some time. After this, we can start populating it with learning material before we open the doors.

We hand-pick our members, and do not take requests. If we feel that someone has made an outstanding contribution to the community, we will reach out and offer an invitation.

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is the "academy" part of rhys's tutorial on fb
It's something UKDT is putting together (seperate from London stuff). Tom is helping us by creating an online virtual learning environment. As you can appreciate, it's a low-priority project, so bits and bobs will be added, so expect nothing too soon.

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