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Turiccki Heavy Haulage is looking to recruit you!

Turiccki Heavy Haulage founded in 2013 is described as a professional and fun VTC
With players from across the globe coming together to haul across the roads of Europe and America

- With multiple divisions including
•UK Divison - a Branch Dedicated for European and UK player
•USA Divison - A Branch Dedicated towards US players
•Australian Divison - A Branch dedicated especially for our Aussie players with A Supervisor Role going!
•Dutch Divison- Set up for our friends in the Netherlands
• A proposed Single Player Divison!

THH wants the VTC going 24hrs a day so there's always someone online playing with you!
Activity is key in our VTC with convoys weekly with our partners and possible TruckFests we always have something for you to attend

It's easy to progress within the company just chat with the owner or select your role on the application form

You must be 13+ to take on a driving role in THH and 16+ to take a management role
Want to learn more? We've a website with loads of information on the VTC

Apply today on our website

Hoping to see you soon!


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