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TST Group - Virtual Trucking in a New Light.
-- About Us -- Here at TST Group, we are led by our strong, independent Management team, along with our friendly Staff members. We are partnered with several other ETS & ATS Trucking VTC's.
- Requirements -
- At least 20 hours of in-game experience on ETS & ATS.
- Be able to change your in-game Tag and Driver Plates.
- Be able to haul a minimum of three loads per week.
- Join our Discord server. (A mic is not required but preferred).
- Be over the age of 13. (In some circumstances we will allow under this age).
- Join TST Group Today - Apply on our website at: https://tstgroup.weebly.com/ Message us: Damian#0407 Joe Games #6337 We hope to see you very soon!


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