TSLP Destination not shwoing on bus

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Oct 25, 2016

On the TSLP map, the passengers do board the bus (Enviro 400 MMC) BUT THE DESTINATION SIGN DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE BUS.

It says "Not In Service".

What do i do?


Oct 28, 2016
The blinds work differently to other buses and there are no blinds available. You cannot get the blinds for it.
Try ALX400 (London variant) and / or Volvo B9TL Gemini 2 London Late Build (hof file TSLP B9TL) where I found blinds worked on all User defined and AI buses


Oct 28, 2016
You need to get one (or both) buses downloaded and installed from this site if you don't have them already. Then make a backup of your ailists.cfg file (!) then edit the ailists.cfg to link to the different bus(es). Editing the ailists.cfg is not too difficult but is another topic if you not done that before.


Oct 28, 2016
My advice would be first to look at the ailist.cfg file from several different maps to start to see the pattern of how they are build with keywords in square brackets even though at this stage you won't fully understand what they mean (although you can probably guess a lot). Then search for the topic here or Google the topic - in a few seconds I found..
How to change AI list?
I am not vouching for these links - but they may help.
When editing the ailist.cfg file you must understand that the syntax is totally unforgiving. The use of square brakets, exact key words etc... has to be exact. Sometimes even the carriage return (or lack of) at the end of an OMSI file can be crucial.
OMSI 1 and OMSI 2 have different ailist.cfg features - I only mention this in case you come across an old style OMSI 1 ailist.cfg format (which I think still works in OMSI 2).
Notice the separators between the "reg ID" and "vehicle reg" is a <TAB> not a number of spaces.
Always always back up this file before editing so you can recover back if OMSI fails to load after the edit.
Good luck !


Scottish Vyking Veg
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Apr 1, 2016
That's not an issue with the map, OMSI does that by default. The length of time depends on how good your PC is, and how many AI buses OMSI has to respawn.


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Dec 10, 2015
That's an error with a bus, presumably one that's being used as AI if it's being thrown when loading a map without buses.