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So, I've always been Squirrel fan I've always wanted to join Squirrel Logistics, so the other day I sent out an application. As soon as I got accepted I jumped straight into the truck and hit the road.

The first truck provided to me for making deliveries is a Mercedes Benz Actross tandem, which is a very beautiful truck! My first job was to deliver a load of Squirrel Slippers to Budapest, since they seem to be running out of Squirrel merchandise there.

While I was on the road I noticed a railway going parallel to the road. While I was watching it a high speed train just zoomed past, way faster than me!

When I approached Reims I decided stop there and grab something to eat on the way to Budapest.

Parking in the designated truck parking spot wasn't very easy, considering how tight the space was.

So I went into the supermarket and grabbed myself some snacks and other things to eat. When I got back to my truck I climbed in, sat on the bed and enjoyed a nice packet of chips.

Soon after getting back on the road the GPS finally decided we should get off the highway and drive on some lovely countryside roads.

As I said, these roads a beautiful.

So I was just driving along when this bunny suddenly appeared. I jumped on the brakes and luckily it skipped along unharmed.

It started getting pretty dark so I decided to get some sleep. The rest stop was packed with trucks and since mine was pretty long, I had to park pretty wierdly to fit in the lines.

*yawn* Ahhh, Good morning! I've had a nice sleep and now it's time to hit the road again.

Drove through a very nice bridge going over a beautiful river.

Finally, after about 1,000km of driving we are getting near to Budapest!

And we're here! All I need to do now is park up the trailer and we're finished.

So, after I delivered the trailer I went to the local hotel to get a good rest in an actual bed. Good night :)

(By the way, I wasn't joking about the Squirrel Slippers thing :p)



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Very interesting thread ! :)
I love the concept :D
And screenshots are beautiful !
So, I hope you will be a new thread for a new job :D
Oh and nice truck :) Happy trucking !
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haha, the slipper bit is pretty funny :P Looking forward to the next one ;)

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