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Morning has come and I go to the depot to grab the truck I will be driving for my next job.

The truck is a modified Scania R730, which I'll be driving to a truck show in Madrid, Spain. It looks pretty awesome and I think this is going to be a very enjoyable trip.

Along with the truck, I'll be driving equipment to set up the Squirrel Logistics tent at the truck show.

Driving down some beautiful country roads.

There is a very nice view from this bridge somewhere near Geneve.

Gaaaah... does this traffic ever end? I've been sitting here for quite a while now.

Passing through Lyon's residential area on my way to Madrid.

And the one billion toll roads of France begin! This is why I hate France...

This is odd. Why are the sunflowers not facing the sun...

What is this? Some sort of coal mining plant or something?

Decided to stop for a some rest. This truck looks pretty epic in the dark.

Found an interesting baloon at Montpellier. Seems like it says Trucksim - Map.

Didn't I tell you? This truck looks freaking badass during the night.

Man, blasting it down this empty highway is pretty fun.

Fueling up just outside Madrid, I'm nearly there!

And here we are! The skyscrapers in the distance are pretty awesome. Now I just need to leave this truck at the garage.

Alright, we're at the garage. My collegues will take this on now and setup the tent up for tommorow's truck show. Can't wait to see all the epicly tuned trucks there!


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