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The next day, I get called to do a special delivery. I was told to go to Szczecin in Poland and get in the truck provided to me there. I would be delivering something special to Aalborg, Denmark.

The truck was a specially modified 2012 Volvo FH, made for hauling some pretty big stuff. It has an 8x4 Chassis and a cabin including an agregat (not sure what it is either). (( I couldn't get the Squirrel skin to work with it, so it's going to be white :( ))

And this is what I'll be pulling, it's a SS-27 Sickle B. It looks like some sort of military missile launcher truck. All I know about it is that it's a 75 ton monster of a truck.

While taking a wide swing at a turn some scumbag in an Audi decides to go right up to the front of my truck. Somehow I managed to get out of that situation without any scratches.

This truck doesn't go very fast uphill with a load like this. This means that on country roads you can get a big line of trucks and cars behind , some of which decide to try and overtake you.

Passing by Rostock on my way to Denmark.

The rest of the journey is all highway, so It should be easy from here onwards.

A very nice lake just by the highway.

Gaah, anything but roadworks! This is the last thing I needed.

Some utter idiot in a Seat decided to try and merge right infront of me. Luckily he noticed the huge truck right next to him and stopped. Ended up just scraping his car on my trailer.

On the border between Denmark and Germany I decided to take a quick nap, since I felt pretty tired.

That nap was longer than expected. It's dark now. The headlights of my truck are shining, the beacons are rotating and the blue LEDs on my dashboard are shining aswell. I have about 250km left and only have 3 hours left to do the job. Cock.

The trailer scraping continues! Some absolutely blind driver didn't see the huge trailer and decided to drive right into it. I sure hope they believe me when they ask about the scratched and dents on the trailer.

Finally, we have arrived! Well, half an hour late, but we have arrived!

So, we end it here with the beautiful sunrise of Aalborg. I'm taking the rest of the day off and will be continuing work tommorow. See ya'!


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