TransBus ALX400 (London Spec)

Buses TransBus ALX400 (London Spec) 1.03a

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Oct 30, 2016
V3D quit because of community backlash. Who knows if he comes back? Besides, its a very specific spec, and the only buses I know of that are like this are Dublin Bus' pre-single-door ALX400s, and Stagecoach 17497. I don't think that specific spec is ever going to be made by legal means. And that's where I'm going to leave it.
The old Cambridge Park and Ride ALX400s were dual door too and they had FlipDot matrix displays.


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Feb 14, 2017
Anyone able to identify what sound mod/engine this is?

I know the guy in the video was using the regional version. However, someone asked about the sound in the comments and the uploader answered stating that it's only out for the London Spec. I asked the uploader on another video that showed the same engine sounds and he replied saying that he got the sound mod off Fellowfilms. I've looked around and all I see are the recent MB Workshop mod (wouldn't be this one as this was released after his video) and Badger's soundpack. I've tested all of Badger's ones and none sound like the one in the video so I'm guessing it's not from his soundset.


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Feb 19, 2017
Just tried installing the ALX 400, cannot fully unzip file (78%) due to it asking for password to unzip sounds.
Ok, it should not do that. It did not do it for me. Try reinstalling the file. V3D can’t help you because he has taken a break!


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Aug 5, 2017
Sad news coming out today - looks like either the ALX400s this was based on, going by the number plates, is now being scrapped, or it's days are very much numbered.

Quick reminder - V3D's ALX400 is based on a London United vehicle, IIRC, and London United buses SN53EUO/EUP/EUM have gone to scrap down at Ramsey.

May 2nd 2018


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Oct 23, 2016
the coins in the cash tray don't match to the value you click. (5p=1p 10p=2p 20p=50p 50p=5p £1=10p £2=20p), this is on BOTW 2.9 and Cotterell 1.1. I have the new GBP pack. is this a known bug or issues with my omsi. (does not effect ALX400R bus)Recently update to Cottterell 1.1 cant remember if same on V1)). thanks.
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Dec 9, 2016
Are there any Yorkshire blinds available for this bus?
Thanks, Oliver
There is, however, they are on a private server (when the bus wasn't free) and I'm not actually sure if they are still on it so you will have to make your own unless someone else creates them


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Oct 24, 2016
Or you could just get the regional version which is now free and in Fellowsfilm, that has a matrix display so any old hof will work and no need to make blinds
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Apr 21, 2017
No, of course not. You can press F8 and then use Page Up and Page Down to scroll through the destinations
by that is there any ibis that one can use to play announcements from? Or a mod that makes the iBus usable?