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This thread is for videos too, so I thought I'd share my first dives into the world of TS YouTube videos. I also make OMSI 2 videos and real life transport stuff...
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Keep forgetting to upload my screenshots so have them all here
FCC's 377 504 running between Gatwick & Brighton Fast. Due to engineering works between Gatwick & East Croydon, trains were split to run London Victoria/London Bridge/Bedford - East Croydon & Gatwick - South Coast. An RRS was in operation between East Croydon & Gatwick.
Screenshot_London to Brighton_51.03383--0.11405_17-44-36.jpg
Screenshot_London to Brighton_51.03390--0.11318_17-44-36.jpg
Screenshot_London to Brighton_51.06345--0.14236_17-42-56.jpg
Screenshot_London to Brighton_51.06382--0.14292_17-42-56.jpg
Screenshot_London to Brighton_51.07790--0.15826_17-42-03.jpg
Screenshot_London to Brighton_51.07803--0.15856_17-42-01.jpg
Screenshot_London to Brighton_51.10875--0.16105_17-40-18.jpg
Screenshot_London to Brighton_51.10875--0.16105_17-40-22.jpg
Screenshot_London to Brighton_51.11192--0.16060_17-40-06.jpg

Royal Mail's 325 008 running on it's second part of it's journey from Clapham Junction to Willesden Goods Yard on a special delivery run.
Screenshot_North London & Goblin Lines_51.47284--0.17928_11-33-39.jpg
Screenshot_North London & Goblin Lines_51.47290--0.17927_11-33-39.jpg
Screenshot_North London & Goblin Lines_51.47892--0.18590_11-34-34.jpg
Screenshot_North London & Goblin Lines_51.50218--0.21492_11-38-43.jpg
Screenshot_North London & Goblin Lines_51.52706--0.23609_11-41-51.jpg

An Unidentified GX Class 442 seen snaking it's way towards London on a run to London Bridge whilst London Victoria was closed for engineering works.
Screenshot_North, South, West London, Thameslink and Kent_51.24419--0.15689_15-07-28.jpg

An Unidentified SWT Class 455 on a suburban run to Hamton Court seen on the mainline somewhere between Clapham Junction & Surbiton
Screenshot_Portsmouth Direct Line - London Waterloo to Portsmouth_51.44197--0.18794_15-12-04.jpg



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Arriva Rail North 142067 working a Blackpool North to Preston service, covering for a broken down 319, seen here near Poulton-le-Fylde 13/08/19
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