Train Simulator/Railworks-Screenshots & Videos


Apr 9, 2019
browsing this thread has made me so excited to get my new pc and run train sim at a gorgeous frame rate and hopefully even more beautiful graphics. at the moment, this is as good as it gets :p

this is with dynamic lighting off - which looks somewhat good at around dusk. i cant wait to get a new pc and run the ap sky and weather enhancement properly :)
Screenshot_London to Brighton_50.93925--0.13631_19-17-24.jpg
Screenshot_London to Brighton_50.95536--0.12619_19-20-30.jpg
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I'm a Scania
Apr 19, 2017

Have never appreciated the "well done" message at the end of a Quick Drive scenario as much as a few minutes ago when I finally reached Midford after an epic struggle out of Bath Green Park with 37518 - train stalled on the hill about three times, and was crawling sub 10 miles per hour most of the way with the wheel slip protection kicking in so often I could barely apply power. Found the knack of having power at 80-100%, dropping it to below 50% when the WSP kicked in and then returning to 80-100% when power was going to the wheels again, all while holding down the button for the sanders. Getting the train started again whenever it stopped or slid back was also incredibly difficult. Never concentrated so hard on Train Simulator before in my life!
Wish I'd screen recorded it now...