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I'm a Scania
Apr 19, 2017

Remembered there was a Steam sale on and bought some heritage DMUs to play with. Here's a class 117 on the North Somerset Line which you have to buy to get the unit, stopped at Mells Road station. As can be seen, the side of a 117 unit is pretty much all doors!

Also on the North Somerset Line and another DMU I picked up in the sale is this class 111 seen here at Frome Market. Like the 117 it only comes in one livery but this time it's BR green instead of the odd chocolate and cream thing that has going on. The 111 seems to appear much better value than the class 105, which is roughly twice the price but for only two consists in BR green - the exact same as this 111. I haven't got the 105 'out of the box' yet so it might be vastly superior in some way - who knows?!


Five pound sixty?!
Oct 30, 2016
I recently purchased the Riviera Line, here we see a First Great Western Class 143 between Dawlish Warren and Dawlish on a service bound for Paignton. It's a really good route, and I picked it up for £5.99 in the sale!
Screenshot_Riviera Line_50.59374--3.44380_15-17-26 (2).jpg
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