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ROBLOX Bus Simulators

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As you may know, DTG (Dovetail Games) have announced that Train Simulator 2018 is coming soon! They have made an article on it and you can read more about it here: Introducing... TS2018! | Train Simulator

Included is the new North Wales Coastal route, which comes with the Virgin Trains Class 221 (I hope it has better physics...) and the ATW Refurbished Class 158 and I think there is another train too, but not sure what one it is.

Recently, we announced that North Wales Coastal was coming soon, exclusively for Train Simulator 2018, and will feature the Virgin Trains Class 221, along with Arriva Trains Wales traction. Today, we are happy to share with you everything included in the Train Simulator 2018 package. - TrainSim-James on the Train Simulator wesbite (linked above).

Feel free to discuss.
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@ROBLOX Bus Simulators
To quote TS website, "You’ll be visiting the seaside with North Wales Coastal, and enjoying the views from the cab of the Virgin Trains Class 221 ‘Super Voyager’, along with the BR Class 175 and BR Class 158 of Arriva Train Wales."


Look what you've done to my bloody shed MAN!
Well in some peoples cases or context.
I don't have the Mittenwaldbahn or Caltrain route, but I do have the 175 and 158 from other packs.

Honestly, DTG should get real. Also, I bet it's the same price as last year.
(Last year = £24.99 for 4 routes, £29.99 for 5 routes)
(This year = £24.99 for 3 routes, probably no deluxe edition)
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I'd rather wait for Train Sim World to be improved and buy that instead. They've demonstrated what they're capable of with TSW in terms of graphics, so it'd be a step backwards to go to TS2018. Although I really want TSW to open up to 3rd Party like Armstrong Powerhouse. That'd be ideal

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