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Hi there, I've recently found out that there has been some news and rumours about TSW coming to Xbox One. I have looked everywhere only to find threads on other forums about it but from last year.
Here are the pages that I have looked at:

Train Sim World – Train Sim World, by Dovetail Games
The Future of Train Simulation | Train Simulator
Trainsimworld: Xbox One Release
Xbox One release date :: Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul General Discussions
Train Sim World coming to Xbox One O_o - Xbox One Message Board for Xbox One - GameFAQs

I can't find anything that has been posted recently, so I'm not sure if the idea has been thrown out the window. I only want it on the Xbox One as my PC is a potato, so it physically cannot run it.

Any comments / information is highly appreciated.



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UE4 (the underlying engine) will run on Xbox One so it is a technical possibility but whether DTG would considering the market size sufficient to cover the costs involved in porting is a different matter, as most sim fans tend to run decent PCs.

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Ewww, i play Xbox one but i couldn't imagine how bad the graphics and FPS would look on console...

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NEWS!!! I was searching along the Train Sim forums to find this where someone asks if Train Simulator 2018 will be on Xbox but then Steve replies saying only TSW will be on Xbox, and it was posted on the 30th October! ;D

EDIT: Even more updates! They're extremely recent. Looks like TSW may well be coming to Xbox One!

My sources are from scrolling through about a million pages of Twitter...


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