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May 7, 2016
Wish I could get on my laptop to play it today! Defoe gonna play it when I get home from school
Sep 3, 2017
All of this looks brilliant... but before i look to buy it, my only concern will be the sounds? Are they any good?

Also do i need to have the CSX Heavy Haul as well?


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Dec 10, 2015
My only concern with TSW GWE is the sounds on the trains? Are they still poor or do they sound like something AP would do?
I'm not sure they're quite at the level of AP, but they're a lot better than they used to be. Or at least that's my experience with CSX, I imagine this is similar. The 43 is MTU engined, so it's a little disappointing before it's digitised...

Performance in TSW:CSX has damn near doubled with this latest patch, although it's added it's own fair share of bugs. One of these being that half the lighting engine seems to keep turning off, making it all look rather washed out and crap. Then again there are a lot of problems with TSW's lighting, visible in many of the screenshots already posted here... seems like everything has fill lights from underneath instead of being nice and shadowy... :/

A couple screenshots from my quick test of CSX last night... first has better lighting, second has broken lighting (both 4K, so much better than what I was actually seeing)...



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Aug 1, 2016
I feel like they ought to implement a map editor ASAP, as well as custom object importer -- so you can use train DLC but create custom maps with custom objects; like OMSI.


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Dec 10, 2015
Yeah, being Unreal it's not very easy... their development method currently seems to involve a bunch of different tools and source-code (at least that's what Matt says)... Really I feel like content creation should be a primary feature of a game such as this, not an afterthought.
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Apr 3, 2016
I feel like the GWML should've been released as a free update to owners of CSX Heavy Hall or have the option to buy it as the base game without having the need to buy CSX HH.