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As many will know i like to stir things up when it comes to new things (just look at the Arriva logo thread) however today i have just come across the first Volvo B8RLE to carry the third generation front end same as of which from the Gemini III and Streetdeck. it seems as though the second Generation bodies on the B8RLE are now being phased out.

Here it is the new Volvo B8RLE first of which to go to Lothian's Subsidiary East Coast Buses.
The photo is copyrighted to James Bus Photos on Flickr.
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I think it suits the B8RLE chassis quite well, everything looks nicely in proportion. I think the front looks a tad squished though, could do with making that lower front bumper a tad smaller.

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Personally, when they removed the Gemini III face and put the frog face on it, it ruined the bus for me. Once again, they ruin the look of a bus by putting it on a B8RLE. Wright Bodywork designers must be on another planet. My opinion, is that this, along with the Streetshite front end look horrible. It looks like its had a good punch into the face...what it deserves....
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yeah it looks really nice, reminds me of an ALX300 in some ways.
I can see it too, the big bumpers, the way the lights are above and stepped out from each other, the dip at the bottom of the windscreen like the alx300's trim and the curved roof with marker lights at the side of the destination box. Is it a conspiracy, a coincidence or an inspiration?

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I like Darts.
i can see the ALX300 in it but i see more of the Scania Citywide in it i thought it was that when i first looked at it, however i think this will grow on me as its not so bad it certainly looks superior as a Decker however and is not as good as the second Generation body on the B7RLE/B8RLE



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The best bus for me will always be the original E200. Furthermore, I still like the E200MMC. I also like the Scania OmniCity but it'll never beat the E200 in my books :)

I'm going off edrychiad not specs etc. :P
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Well that's a hard thing to have an initial opinion on :P I'm torn - it bears some strong resemblance to a more angular ALX300 which is only a good thing, but something about the proportions of the front end is a bit odd - it doesn't have that cat-like purpose the Gen-2 front had, it looks, I dunno, slower.

I'll look forward to seeing it in other liveries, anyway :)


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Not a fan of Wright's new front end styling in general, I think it's the headlight clusters (if you can call them that) that really put me off. Don't think they've ever managed to top the original Eclipse nose tbh, they've had nothing since that's managed to tap in to the Zeitgeist in the quite the same way. Still, this is better than the Streetlite at least.
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Considering I spend my life riding on streetlites, this looks a lot better, and hopefully they will perform better too.


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One little thing, East Coast Buses is not a subsidy of Lothian buses, both Lothian and East Coast buses are subsidies of TFE (Transport For Edinburgh) and are state owned.

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