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Gud Ebening
Welcome to The Thursday Football Talk and this week the discussion I want to bring up is this: Is Mikel Arteta Out Of His Depth At Arsenal And Can He Take Us Further? I personally think that Mikel Arteta definitely knows what he's doing and he has learnt from the best in the business from the like of Arsene Wenger 3x Premier League Winner and 7x FA Cup Winner and 7x Community Shield Winner and of Course Pep Guardiola 2x Premier League Winner 1x FA Cup winner and 1x Champions League winner as well as successes at other countries. I think Arteta is doing surprisingly well for what was expected from him and with some funds and his full squad being available to him he can definitely take this club in a good direction and bring us back to where we belong. What are your opinions? Feel free to discuss amongst Each other and we'll be back for The Thursday Football Talk Next Week.
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